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Our Story



Davine Wines is an urban winery inspired by Chicago’s diverse culture since 2019. We are committed to offering quality products, unparalleled service, and the most competitive prices in town. Our handcrafted, varietal flavors have become widely known to complement the historic landmark.


The name "Davine" is inspired by the owner's middle name and the informal term divine, meaning excellent; delightful. From the sweet notes of fruity blends to sultry reds, everyone is sure to find something that is pleasing.  


Enjoy the decadence of Davine Wines while touring Chicago’s architecture and iconic skyscrapers along the Chicago River or while chowing down on a deep-dish pizza during the effervescent glow of the country's third-largest city's renowned skyline. 

Élena "Davine" Smith


Inspired by the multifaceted wine industry, Elena turned what started out as a hobby into a new love affair.  Elena created Davine Wines with a mission to "promote and enhance social experiences, one glass at a time".


A passion for excellence inspired her in the beginning and continues to drive her every day. She prides herself on curating high-quality, well-balanced wines while building loyalty and long-lasting relationships with consumers. Elena says, "wine is not just a remedy to relieve a day's stress, it's a lifestyle!" 


If you ever need an excuse to gather for good food, good conversation, and good company, Davine Wines is perfect for the occasion. Why not celebrate with a glass of class? Davine Wines is the beginning of a legacy. Become a part of something great for years to come! 

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